Welcome to the Nigeria Journal of Ecolinguistics and Environmental Discourse (NJEED)


Journal Description/Scope


The Nigeria Journal of Ecolinguistics and Environmental Discourse (NJEED) is a quarterly international journal that focuses on ecological linguistics and environmental discourse.

The journal publishes refereed research papers that include qualitative, quantitative, mixed and post-qualitative methods, as well as philosophical and theoretical analyses. Specifically, the journal publishes articles on the role of language in the life-sustaining relationships of humans, other species and the physical environment.

It also accepts articles that disseminate information and implement communicative practices that are related to the environment. NJEED also accepts articles that address environmental ethics and justice. Additionally, the journal publishes creative works that promotes ecological awareness and analyses of such works. Manuscripts may be disciplinary or interdisciplinary and come from within the areas of the humanities, social science, education and environmental studies.